$9.00 CAD

1 Standard Foam Ink Pad or Re-inker. Acid-Free. Water-Based.

We are THRILLED to welcome the Pigment Palette with 10 signature colors!

Glow, the softest of the Warm Peach family, is another signature hue that you can see in many of our projects. It is a touch more vibrant than any other shade in our lineup - and for good reason! It brings in a little pop, while still playing up on the soft colors of the Pigment Palette.  We called it glow, because it does just that! Adds a touch of 'glow' wherever you use it. Needless to say, it is one of our favorites, and looks smashing all season!

WATCH OUR INK INTRO VIDEO HERE.  We show the Pigment Palette up close, stamping tips, a dive into our swatching system and share all of the fun techniques you can try with your new ink. You don't want to miss it!k

Our Premium Dye Ink Pads are PACKED with ink. They:

- Offer smooth coverage with supremely crisp results

- Are fast drying

- Are suitable for water reactive techniques, such as watercoloring, water-lifting, and more!

- Are water-based and  clean easily

- Work with any stamp size

- Have coordinating re-inkers. Re-inkers can also act as an all-purpose color tint that can be mixed with various mediums - from water, to glaze, to paste and beyond! 

Start building your Pigment Palette rainbow now! A world of color awaits.