Angel Policy

Did you know that ALL Pigment products are protected under Canadian and International Copyright Law? Please read our Angel Policy below, to ensure you are using all Pigment Craft Co. products as intended. We really don't wanna have to call your parents ;)


If you use Pigment Craft Co. products in handmade items you plan to sell or distribute, there are some considerations to keep in mind: 

     1. All handmade items must be made entirely by you (no helpers or paid workers allowed), and must be fully handmade and not digitally reproduced in any way. That means no tracing, photocopying, scanning, photographing, etc. to speed things up. 

     2. All handmade items must be your original design and not a replication of any cards created by Pigment Craft Co. and/or featured on the Pigment Craft Co. website, or any social media/marketing material associated with Pigment Craft Co.

     3. You can make up to 100 items per year for sale purposes. You can make up to 10 items of each design. That means, if you have 10 designs, you can make up to 10 of each, to reach your saleable limit.

     4. You must be selling the item yourself and will not be selling the artwork to other parties who will subsequently re-sell it.

     5. You must include the following disclaimer and our copyrighted name on your artwork: created with © Pigment Craft Co. Products. 

     6. You cannot use any Pigment Craft Co. branding, images, logos, blog posts, project ideas, or any content provided on our website or social media, for your own logos, trademarks, or promotional materials. 

     7. You assume all liability for your work and agree to indemnify Pigment Craft Co., and its employees and artists from any disputes arising from your work.

     8. This Angel Policy applies to our entire product line and it is not based on a per-item basis. So, whether you own and use 2 stamps, or 10, the limit is still 100 items per year, and 10 items per design.

If you exceed these minimums, you may qualify as a business and require a special license to use our products. Please get in touch with us so we can chat more about our licensing program. 

Even if you use Pigment products for personal use, unless expressly and mutually agreed upon, Pigment Craft Co. products may not be resold, or re-distributed in any form, including but not limited to: sharing digital versions of any Pigment products themselves (whether via scanning, clip art, photography, or other electronic means). While sending a direct link from our site or social media is totally ok, when used for viewing purposes only, please note, the distribution of Pigment products in any electronic form is prohibited and is a violation of the copyright.

If you have any questions regarding our policy, or anything is unclear, please contact us at We’d be happy to help!