We’re All About Making


Any time of day or night, before anything else, we want to make. And we want YOU to make. Really, we want the whole world to make!

Whether it’s a 10 minute sesh before your makeup, or a weekend-long reprieve, we want making to become a part of your routine. 

Because just like a good sweat, making feels good! It’s good for the planet, good for the soul, and good for fostering connections. 

Because of this, Pigment was founded with one simple mission - to entice making in everyone and to show the world that anyone can be a maker. 

We believe makers are not a special type of people, rather a connection between three simple ingredients: the right (and super exciting!) products, fabulous resources, and a community of supportive makers.

Everything we do at Pigment, comes from a place of deep connection to the maker movement, and our love of making and sharing it with others.

Now that you know why we make, we can’t wait for you to discover the good for yourself. 

Come along, a world of color awaits!