$12.00 CAD

5” x 6” stencil set of 2.

Do you find gem placement puzzling? You're not alone. We have scoured stencils to find a guide that would help us align all the beautiful little gems and rhinestones we all love so much. And when we couldn't find one, we created it ourselves! An ultra teeny, tiny dot stencil set, for barely-there dots, that make it easy to add a dab of color as a guide for where to place your gems. Cover all the dots with gems, or just some, it's up to you! And did we mention, that the dot sets perfectly nest together, allowing for application of different colors in just about any medium you love? From ink-blending, to mixed media ;) Colorful confetti, anyone? 



Made with a sturdy material to withstand many uses. 

Easy to clean. Simply run under warm water, and gently rub before your mediums dry on the stencil. Wipe dry with lint-free cloth.