Pigment Tea Baggie Builder

Here, at Pigment, we're OBSESSED with the art of DIY.

While it's a favorite way to add a pinch of handmade to our greetings, we love it even more for gifting! There is something so special about a thoughtful, handcrafted gift delivered from the heart. 

This why many of our products are designed with both cardmaking AND DIYing in mind! 

If you are in camp yay for DIY, read on below to learn how our Tea Baggie Builder can help you build custom tea-baggies that we know your pals would love! And if you're not, we're happy to report that this set does double-duty ;) We love how easy it is to make striking, graphic cards with these jumbo florals. Read on to learn all about the features, tips and ways we love using this fabulous little set!


Let's take a closer peek!

Standalone Die

No stamping required! We love that this die is bold and brilliant all on its own. 

Coordinating Products

If you're longing to stamp, rest assured! We've designed plenty of coordinating bits.

To Card or to DIY?

The choice is up to you! Use as is, or build beautiful tea baggies in no time!

Shape It Up

Standard tea bags are cool, but we love making ours shaped. Hearts, leaves, o my!



Pigment Tea Baggie Builder Dies


standalone die set

Pigment Handmade Blend Stamp


stamp set 

Pigment Handmade Blend Die Set


coordinating dies 

Pigment Blooming Teapot Die Set


die set


We LOVE that the Tea Baggie Builder can help you easily build a pile of custom, handmade tea baggies.  All that's needed is a few basic supplies you probably already have on hand. We also love that it can be used to make super bold, graphic cards with just a few cuts! Read below to learn all about this set and how to customize to your hearts content.




Your favorite designs using the dies. Use cardstock for card designs or coffee filter paper  for DIYing your own tea baggies. Read on for more DIY tips.



Stitch two layers of your filter paper cut.  TIP: you can run both through at once, saving oodles of time! Use a good length of non-toxic embroidery floss to stitch halfway.



Fill your tea baggie with loose tea, and distribute evenly. Stitch up the remainder. By using a little extra floss, you should have some leftover to attach the dipping tab ;)

You can see a full step-by-step video of how we put our tea baggies together here.


We love using loose tea that's finely-milled, so our tea baggies stay nice and smooth and are easier to stitch. If chunkier tea is your jam, may we suggest gifting it loosely with a tea infuser? Also, we're ALL about customizing the cuties you make and we offer a pile of coordinating products to help you do that! Whether you make lacy, floral pockets, add a teensy tiny tea baggie shaker (eep!) or a few fun labels (caffeinated-to-the-max, anyone?), check out the rest of our Tea Time collection to see all the ways you can dress up your project. 


There are fun ways to tailor this set.

Whether you're making your own tea baggies,  or opting for cards, let us show you all the fun you can have!

Go Bold

Make a modern, on-trend card!

Cards bursting with florals don't have to be time consuming or difficult to make. Our favorite tip for no-fuss designs is to go big! Use our Tea Baggie set to build a beautiful floral background. It's striking and it doesn't require many other additions (though we couldn't resist tucking in a few Celebration Bouquet Fillers blooms).

If you're keen on stitching, you could go a step further and stich up all or some of the accents!

A bold card is super easy to create with our larger-than-life floral designs that are included in this set. 

Tuck In

Your DIYing doesn't have to stop with the tea baggie...

While we think these cuties would look mighty fine tucked into a tin, or a cute pouch, we suggest taking it a step further. Here, we've combined a simple circle base,  with our Cup of Happy Floral die (which is adhered only on the edges), to make a super fast, super cute pocket for our tea baggie. 

You can go a step further, and add accents from our Handmade Blend set, and a miniature tea baggie using our Blooming Teapot set. Of course, you could always just leave it embellie-free.

Make a pocket. Then add accents with coordinating products in our lineup.

Cup It Up

Did you know that the tea baggies fit perfectly inside our Cup of Happy floral cup? 

When a card delivery can make one feel better AND deliver a little TLC, we think it's a winning combo! If you happen to make a pile of tea baggies, it's always nice to keep them on hand, to tuck into your Cup of Happy cards. We're pretty sure your recipients will love the thoughtful addition. Who doesn't like a card that's yummy!

We  do recommend packaging up a duo such as this in a food-safe baggie that can be sealed for freshness and to protect your tea baggie card during shipping.

Yummy cards are pretty rad.


Trendy, large shapes make for plenty of tagging fun! 

Fun, large shapes, and pre-punched holes? Hellooooo tag heaven! When in a pinch, these cuties will make for some pretty easy and darling tag creations.  

Use them to spruce up a gift, tuck into a goodie bag, or line with a sticky back and add to a parcel. This die set is as versatile as they come, and we're so excited to see how you create with it!

Some tag love is always a win. Add a bit of watercolor for an extra punch of color.

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