Pigment Stamp + Stencil Bundles

Love coloring, but hate staying within the lines? So do we!

It's why we're thrilled to share an in-depth look at our new product range.


Let's take a closer peek!

Coordinating Designs

Stamp the image as a guide, use the stencil to add in layers of precise color.

Use Together or Alone

Giving extra mileage and versatility to these bundles.

Durable + Easily Washable

No fuss-cleaning with warm water or wipes. Can withstand heaps of uses.


Stencils are made from a sturdy, yet easily recyclable material.



Blooming Floral Stamp and Stencil Bundle


stamp + stencil bundle

Frame Builder Hello Beautiful Stamp and Stencil Bundle


stamp + stencil bundle


We LOVE that these bundles make it easy to add layers of color to our favorite stamp images. And that we can always count on consistent results. Read on to learn best tips + tricks for using these bundles and how to get creative with them!




Stamp the image in a light ink to use as a guide. Then, select which part of the stencil you want to color in first. Place your stencil over your lightly-stamped image.



All one-sheet, multi-step stencils have a handy guide to show which bits go together for easy alignment. Select a section, align, + choose your color medium (we'll use ink).



Dab ink onto your blending brush and stencil away. Choose another section and repeat, until you have inked all the individual bits. Marvel at the perfectly colored image!

Check out this handy video that shows you step-by-step how to use our Blooming Floral S+S bundle.


Well, actually TWO tips! 

Our stencils are designed to give you maximum crafting fun, without breaking the bank. For this reason, we try so very hard to think of creative ways to cut costs...But, definitely not corners :) You will find that our Blooming Floral stencil 'appears' to have a missing bit, but rest assured, it was designed this way! The middle portion of the large flower can easily be filled in with just a little bit of freehand ink-blending, minimizing the need for more stencils, and saving you moolah! You can watch this video at exactly 0:30 to see how to master this yourself ;) And for tip numero 2 - we recommend the ever-so-handy Make Art tool! The magnetic base helps to keep the stencil snug, without any additional masking tape. Best of all, it's super easy to move the magnets around, when you need to re-position your stencil. If you're into stenciling, we cannot recommend this investment enough. It's simply a life-changer.


There's so much more you can do!

While we're all about drooling over these bundles of coordinating products that work together seamlessly, we encourage you to get creative! Our S+S bundles are designed to be super versatile, so that each item can be used on its own in a variety of ways. Let us show you how with our Blooming Floral Stamp + Stencil Bundle.

Color Up!

Use a color medium of your choice to dress up the floral.

We know coloring is not for everyone, but if your inner kiddo is still going strong and you love nothing more than busting out your coloring sticks, then you'll rejoice in knowing that most of our S+S stamps are designed to work just as beautifully for coloring, as they are for stenciling. 

And did you know - most of our S+S stamps are designed with an ultra-thin line, so that you can maximize a no-line coloring effect. Making this beauty look all the more hand-drawn.

Watercoloring is a favorite technique around here. But you could also try coloring pencils, gouache, or alcohol markers...The medium is up to you!


Heat emboss, and flood with color.

If no-line coloring feels a little overwhelming, we suggest heat-embossing the floral and flooding it with color. The heat-embossing helps hold color where it should be, and provides detailing without doing any extra work, or needing to be a painting whiz. It's yet another way to add color, should you decide to go sans-stencils.

You can opt for a subtle, bold, or even clear embossing color. All yield entirely different looks, allowing you to play!

Heat embossing can be helpful if you're just embarking on the coloring journey. It adds gorgeous detailing, too.


The handy stencil helps you apply precision color, even without the stamp!

Ink blending can be challenging at the best of times. Getting the pressure right, ensuring that your heavy-handed strokes don't get carried away and create a streaky mess...Or even trying to find tools small enough to get precision inking right where you want it. We're so with you. It can be a lot to handle!  

Our stencils can help you build a colored image, without an ounce of coloring OR blending prowess. And you can do it without stamping first! Simply grab your blending brush, a little bit of ink, position your stencil and dab away. Then reposition to add the next layer. It's practically foolproof!

Stamping before you stencil can help you see exactly where you need to position your stencil. We recommend this step if you're just starting out. But our stencils work great without this step - and look fab with a white pen accent.


There is nothing wrong with stamp-only images. May we suggest heat-embossing or paper-piecing? 

At the core of Pigment, is a love of stamping, so you know we'll be the first to suggest some stamp love. And while outline images can at times seem one-dimensional, there is SO much you can do with these pretty (unassuming) designs. 

Heat-emboss on colored cardstock, for a perfectly raised, bespoke look. Stamp on a variety of papers, cut out portions, and piece them together. Or, simply stamp the outline in a repeating pattern for a striking background. The possibilities are endless!

Outline stamps can be striking in their own right. Why not give them a go on your next project!

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